What do we do?

We teach everyone how to solve the IMPOSSIBLE!

How do we do it?

We play with purpose.
We utilize the Rubik’s Cube as an engaging tool to bring out your true potential.

Why do we do it?

Our goal is to help individuals relate the strategies learnt by solving the Rubik’s Cube  back to life. The principles to overcoming life challenges by teaching critical thinking. We aim to show that the skills learned from solving the puzzle can be applied to solving real-life problems.

Our Story

Who are we ?

The Cubing Hub is on a mission to inspire and educate through the magic of the Rubik’s Cube. We believe that by entertaining our audiences, we can spark their creativity, challenge their minds, and unlock their true potential.

In South African schools, we bring together the brightest young minds through our Rubik’s Cube Clubs, where they showcase their skills and compete in solving the cube with lightning-fast speed.

We empower the next generation by showing them how the Rubik’s Cube can transform their lives. By learning to solve the cube, they develop patience, enhance problem-solving skills, improve hand-eye coordination, boost spatial awareness, and stimulate their minds. But most importantly, we show them that anything is possible in life. The Rubik’s Cube, once considered impossible, is now just a small step towards their limitless potential.

In addition to providing a fun and educational experience, we also offer motivational talks, personal development workshops, Rubik’s cube training and sales. Join us on this incredible journey to unlock greatness and achieve the impossible.

Our Team

It’s not what people can do for us but what we can do for the people

Staff and Instructors

Committed to building lasting change

Donovan Pretorius

Donovan Pretorius


Jonathan Ontong

Jonathan Ontong

Instructor & Administrator

Tumo Bojabotseha

Tumo Bojabotseha

Content Creator